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Bravado Designs Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory

by Bravado Designs
(Product #19310)
Product Ratings: (27)

We do not currently have any Bravado Designs Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory available for sale

Product Description

At Bravado Designs, they are always looking for ways to make breastfeeding the best experience it can be. Moms have been telling us that pumping, as part of their breastfeeding journey, can be so time-consuming and most hands-free pumping garments simply aren’t ideal. Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory’s revolutionary design offers moms the convenience, ease and discretion they’ve been asking for. Best of all, it attaches securely to our nursing bras’ B-clips. What Bravado Designs has created is truly a game-changer for hands-free pumping.

Easy-peasy pumping (no hands required!)

  • Patent pending design - securely attaches to your Bravado Designs nursing bra’s B-clips
  • Adjustable 4-row hook and eye closure at back
  • Discreet, no need to remove your top or nursing bra
  • "Patent pending figure 8 opening engineered for easy breast shield insertion and removal – no need to detach breast shield from bottle"
  • Elastic-enforced figure 8 opening holds bottles in an ideal upright position
  • Super soft, breathable cotton modal fabric blend
  • Wide, stretchy and comfortable bottom band
  • Option to pump on one side and breastfeed on the other
  • Nursing bra and breast pump not included
  • This style has been tested and is certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements, which ensures products are free from harmful substances

More Info

  • 49% cotton, 32% modal, 19% spandex/elastane
  • Wash before wearing, wash with like colors
  • Made in China
  • Does not include pump accessories or nursing bra


Size Chart for Bravado Designs Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory

Customer Reviews

Cute, comfortable, and easy to put on! I loved it for first week and then one side started having trouble keeping the flange close enough to suction for some reason. No damage to it but it has caused me to leak or stop suction during pumping so that now the hands-free bra is a one-handed bra - I have to hold one of the bottles for peace of mind and to make sure it stays. It does stay better at beginning of pump but I wonder if the weight if the milk starts messing with things? Still possible it’s not the bra but I don’t know. It also tends to unhook itself from the nursing bra several times while pumping which is also problematic.
Reviewed by
This is the BEST pumping bra solution I've found. I do have Bravado bras but it also works with other bras I have. I had tried two other pumping bra solutions before finding this one. The best part about this one is that you don't have to take off your shirt to put it on. I felt like my shirt got in the way of other pumping bustiers (i.e. I'd have to try and pull it up to my shoulders...didn't work so well). This one is SO easy...and has given me back my sanity while I pump! :)
Reviewed by , Nursing a newborn
This bra is KEY for those who are going back to work and still want to breastfeed. My nursing bras are from Target and aren't anything fancy, but they worked great with the Bravado Hands-free bra. These bras allow me to easily pump while I'm eating lunch, working on paperwork, or even relaxing at home. Highly recommend for anyone who is breastfeeding and wishes for their hands back.
Reviewed by , 10.5 months nursing and supplementing
This bra accessory is life changing. I am using a double pump and found it hard having no hands to grab things like water or to change the settings on the pump. This bra enables just as it says 'hands free' I was sceptical if it would be tight enough to pump properly but I am extremely pleased with the purchase. I am about to buy a couple more. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by , Nursing a newborn
this thing was the perfect solution for my pumping needs! i had bought 3 other pumping bras that were just so uncomfortable. my nursing bras are more comfortable so i can wear those to work and just bring this clip and pump bra with me! i will definitely be buying another one!
Reviewed by , nursing
Best pumping bra out there. So easy to clip on, no compression, very comfortable, and you don’t have to reveal the boobs to transfer from one bra to the next. Just clip on the accessory and pull down the front of the nursing bra and VIOLA! Comfortable and ready to pump!
Reviewed by , Nursing a Newborn
Excellent product. Really worth the investment. Now I can pump handsfree! Very convenient to use, just clip on and pump! Well-designed and fit excellently. I would be getting a couple more pieces :) would highly recommend all mommies to give this product a try!
Reviewed by
I love this and have raved about this to my mommy groups that I ended up convincing 10 more people to buy! This is the only bra where I can comfortable pump and nurse - and we all need to multitask when it’s 3am but the baby wants to feed, right? :)
Reviewed by , Nursing for 6 months and counting

About Bravado Designs

Bravado Designs is one of the most established and respected nursing bra designers in the world. It began 25 years ago with the vision of two moms who knew what it would take to make truly comfortable and stylish nursing bras. The Original Nursing Bra launched the company into and international success and continues to be a best-selling nursing bra today.

In keeping with their committment to support new moms, Bravado Designs has continued to innovate and add new nursing bras to their line. Their Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra has been a hands-down favorite every day nursing bra of Figure 8 Moms. The Buttercup Nursing Bra is the perfect T-shirt Nursing Bra, combining clean styling with great function. If underwire support is what you crave the Belle Underwire Nursing Bra has been designed with care to suit your breastfeeding needs. The Ballet Nursing Bra will it's claspless pull-on styling is great for lounging and sleeping. The Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory is Bravado Design's brilliant solution for pumping moms. It allows you to turn any Bravado Designs bra into a pump nursing bra.